Acceptance – The Gateway to an Inclusive Society!

For all those of you looking forward to the launch of the Tickle.Life app in September, 2018, shall we begin our journey towards the countdown via this blog of mine? I am super excited to share with you a lot of things about Tickle.Life. The what, why, how of it! So, let me set sail on the first post on this blog.   

With Tickle.Life, we plan to create a thought process and a journey full of celebration of one’s sexuality. I have been lucky to have had an opportunity to travel and live my life on my own terms. And somewhere along the way, I started realizing that sexuality is such an integral part of our being that accepting it in its true sense and being able to talk about it freely without any threat or fear is so important. We just don’t realize the kind of damage we are doing to ourselves and to others when we ignore the signs and/or typecast sexual feelings as unwanted distractions to be shunned off.

Meeting people from different parts of the world, I discovered that we’re all the same in longing for acceptance which is a basic human characteristic. It includes both self acceptance as well as acceptance from people around. Acceptance is the key that can open the doors to a wide range of possibilities. Once I realized the profoundness of the fact, I felt really empowered and it sowed the seeds of Tickle.Life.

One thing lead to another and I soon felt that accepting oneself as well as others in entirety without any inhibitions and/or shame can do wonders. It became apparent that talking about one’s sexuality openly without being judged can have a positive effect on one’s well being. Considering there are many facets and aspects of sexuality, some of which you may be aware of and some not, acceptance of your own sexuality as well as those of others though challenging goes a long way in creating a happy society.

When I started opening up and talking to people, I was not only amazed at the positive feedback I received, I was even more happy about the openness of people and their willingness to collaborate with me in my endeavors in this direction. Thus was born Tickle.Life with the support of numerous people who gave me the strength to be open about such a profound topic.

This platform is not only for those who are in need of help or those celebrating a certain sexual orientation or even sexuality itself. It is for every one of you because sex is as basic as food and water. On the other hand, irrespective of your sexual orientation and openness you feel a kind of apprehension and inhibition towards others. Just like the minority feels alienated and threatened by the majority, the majority may also have its own trepidation. I myself, for instance, want to be more aware and conscious of the needs and desires of everyone I come in contact with so as to be able to seamlessly blend with them without causing any offence and/or unpleasantness.

I believe everything will fall into place if I am open and willing to understand. And I believe the same is true for everyone. I am not an expert and don’t even want to be but via Tickle.Life, we plan to create a society which is open and ready to talk, accept and reinvent every thought and idea. With the goal to create an inclusive society and world. I hope you accept Tickle.Life and are ready to celebrate your desires.

In the meantime, that we are waiting for the app to be launched, read the blog posts which are regularly updated by people from all walks of life. I am sure you will admire their expression and respect their needs and desires. Each one of us may get an insight into a part of ourselves. Come and join us in the celebration of sexuality and a meaningful collaboration with open-minded people.     

See you soon ☺

                                           Written By: Shakun Sethi

Shakun has been an initiator of multiple social impact projects for creating exposure and opportunities to the relevant stakeholders and citizens. Her experience in India and the Netherlands led her to realise the importance of an ecosystem to celebrate sexuality and to eradicate the taboo attached.  That is how Tickle.Life was born.

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