Demisexuals: Made for love, only for love

Demisexuals: Made for love, only for love

If you have ever wondered to yourself why you don't feel sexually attracted towards someone but you like them, my dear friend today you've found your answer.

That is, you are Demisexual.

No, No. Don't worry, this is not a disorder, this is just a term used for people who are sexually attracted towards somebody who they have an emotional connection with. Though being Demisexual does not really mean that you will only feel sexually attracted towards your best friends. explains, for instance, that there is "primary" sexual attraction — the attraction to what you see first, like a person's looks, aesthetic, and/or the way they carry themselves — and secondary sexual attraction, which is more rooted in personality and the way you connect with someone.

Demisexual people in a relationship tend to operate only on their secondary sexual attraction. That does not mean, if we see someone hot at the subway, we are incapable of imagining all the erotic fantasies there are in the world, we do. But we just function differently. For us, sex is a need but more than a need, sex is a way of expressing oneself and our emotions towards someone. For us, sex is a way of connecting better with our partner.

Do you recall anyone telling you how last night they had “make-up sex” and that it was amazing, They say make-up sex is the best, ever wonder why, especially when you cannot relate to how can you hate but still love someone? You see you just can’t relate to sex with anything except love. Well because if you are angry with the person you are madly in love with, you tend to reach a level of temper which is really high, for obvious reasons (because you love them). Imagine the same intensity is combining both the emotions -- Anger and Love and then you are having sex with that power and craziness, isn't just the thought of it is wild?

Sex for fun, sex for connecting better both are a person's choice. But you don't really have to change your preferences for somebody, or simply for peer pressure, or even if your husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend wants to have sex with you and you are not ready, YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO IT. Sex is a mutual thing. So demi be proud of what you have accomplished and be proud that you are comfortable in expressing yourself. Btw, if you are not sure that you are demi, these signs might help: Click Here

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Written By: Nandini Sharma

Nandini brings with her the spunk and the youth needed in the team. Her inquisitiveness and ideas are what fuels Tickle.Life

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