Men: PMS, Period and Menopause

So this is strange, the reason you will be reading my blog post is not because I love writing but because of a fight that I had with my boyfriend (I am single now ).

I wrote this blog post while sitting in the dark alone whereas my boyfriend was sleeping in the next room after irritating me and taking my agony to a very different level. In my agony, a strange thought hit me, I am menstruating but how come he is the one who is more grumpy that I am? I should have been the one PMSing a day or even 3 days before today but on the contrary, he has been eating more and feeling tired and showing all the symptoms related to PMSing. Maybe, I am absolutely wrong but can it be true, can men PMS too, can men also feel and get synchronised like women or how two besties do?

So my inquisitiveness led me to go all wild and random on google to see what is happening, am I right in assuming that he is going through something similar to what I feel? The result led me to a very interesting condition, called: “Sympathy Periods” or “Sympathy PMS”, the research and the documentation is pretty sketchy online but still has some meat to work on. According to Cosmo, guys can actually experience “sympathy PMS” an experience similar to how we women feel. There was another interesting acronym I got

my hands on IMS—Irritable Male Syndrome. The reason behind why our loved one feels irritated and moody all of a sudden is due to a dip in the testosterone level.

If I am being honest, my irritation at him is surely going down, now that I think I know what it is all about. A little more research threw me off guard and somehow got me thinking that I sure need to give him some slack, during his IMS days and maybe those days are right now, so as we speak! According to Jed Diamond in, men are as hormonally driven as women. In fact, they have multiple hormonal cycles. Imagine, their testosterone level changes every four to five hours and that sure can be a cause of moodiness and sometimes irritation.

There are multiple more important factors which can be understood to understand IMS and I must say, now I just get it better and would surely keep my eyes and ears open, especially dating someone who is in his mid-40s which is considered to augment men’s menopause, I guess a topic for another time.

Time to move on and learn a new term from a new relationship, maybe?

Just PMSing

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