Our Team

Shakun Sethi
Shakun has been an initiator of multiple social impact projects for creating exposure and opportunities to the relevant stakeholders and citizens. Her experience in India and the Netherlands led her to realise the importance of an ecosystem to celebrate sexuality and to eradicate the taboo attached That is how Tickle.Life was born. A senior communications professional who also founded Dizuna Communications and has an experience spanning more than ten years in Strategic media relations. She is also the recipient of Netherlands Fellowship Awards.
Aditya Gupta
Consulting CTO
Aditya is a data-oriented self-driven individual who has a keen understanding of user-focused product fundamentals. He believes in building and experimenting through lean-product strategy. With 10 years of entrepreneurial experience, he has built successful companies
Mark LaPersonne
Content Editor
Mark has a way with words and his first love has always been writing. With an experience of 12 years across advertising, PR and e-commerce, his thrill for putting words on paper to express himself has only grown.
Indraja Saroha
Content and Collaboration
Indraja is a sex positivity activist and aspiring filmmaker. She promotes comprehensive sex education and open dialogue about sexuality issues on her YouTube channel, Liberating Sexuality.
Tanya Charbury
Resident Writer
Tanya is a former model and former sex worker including being a former Dominatrix. She's also a professional writer and speaker on subjects ranging from sexuality to software engineering. She is a transgender girl and has been out as such for more than 5 years. She's a free-market girl, and by implication is adamant that anyone's consensual sexuality, including sex work, does not deserve threats of violence nor actual violence from any individual or group, least of all a government.
Pinky Sabhnani
Tickle Operator
Pinky, with her passion to bring about a change in the society by breaking the taboo around everything, believes that she can make the world a better place with her creativity and imagination. She believes that talking about sex; having the courage to accept who you are can, will lead the world towards destigmatization. She is the firm promotor of the policy: "the pen is mightier than a sword" and wishes to bring a revolution with her love for writing.