Sexual myths

In this generation of google searches, we all come across multiple information and most of the time they are as fake as a unicorn. Sexual myths are one of the biggest examples of such information.

Every time you talk to your friends about some specific sexual related issues, they all will come back with a different story to tell. Where do these misconceptions come from? Some are made up in our head because we are not taught well about sexual intercourse in colleges or schools and some because of our surroundings.

Sexual knowledge is like an ocean, it is dynamic and more erratic than most things in life :P. You never know what you’ll experience or even hear.

A lot of magazines tell you to do this or do that, some blogs will tell you the spots anyone would be turned on by. But everybody is different, sex is never the same, it is different every time you have it. And it is high time, we realize it.

There will be days when you feel the best connect with your partner and there still be days when you would feel nothing. There is a big chance of totally going numb. Our bodies are attuned to experience different feelings, even though from the same experience. Never the less, basic common acts can be the same.

We interviewed a group of people age between 20-30 to figure out what they think about this thought. They had very similar thoughts and expressed that sex felt a certain way but it was different for each one of them. There were a plethora of misconceptions as well, few mentioned below:

Rachael* (name changed, 23)

“So I was in high school when I had my first anal sex, at that time I didn’t have much knowledge about sexual acts, coincidentally I missed my periods that month and I was super scared thinking that I was pregnant. I even took a contraceptive pill after. *laughs*. But then after that, I realized that it is next to impossible to get pregnant unless it is vaginal intercourse.

Riley* (age:25)

“They say it hurts a lot when you have sex for the first time, but when I had sex with my bf I was 20, it didn’t hurt me at all. Moreover, I didn’t bleed, I was so confused that I almost thought that something was wrong with me and was upset. Later on, my bf told me that when a woman is aroused and well lubricated (wet) the penetration is easier and no bleeding s likely. Bleeding usually takes place when the penetration vagina is dry and it forcefully tears the membranous tissue. Though some women bleed anyway because their hymen might not be as flexible.

It is not just about Riley or Rachael but there are few bizarre misconceptions in the world like every time you have sex you make babies or use of a condom makes your ass get big. As strange it may sound but it is also a serious topic. These myths make life miserable for many especially if you do not have the right informative channels and that is where it becomes imperative to open doors to discussions and accepting sex as a carnal need.



    Written By: Nandini Sharma

Nandini brings with her the spunk and the youth needed in the team. Her inquisitiveness and ideas are what fuels Tickle.Life


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