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Sci-Fi Erotic/Futuristic Sex Story Winner!!!


Eventually the drizzling turned into heavy rain, champagne turned to Scotch and the shy eye contact turned into a sensual stare. Your eyes, dark and clouded, full of hunger, pierced into my skin. You walk towards me, your wild looks giving away your intentions. Getting up from the bar stool I poured you a drink. You reached for the glass and our fingers touched, for the very first time, passing a current through our bodies. I could e what all you wanted to do to me and I wanted nothing less. You leaned in, closer to my face and set my hair aside. For that moment it was just the two of us in the room. Rest everything seemed to be a blur! Giving into your touch, I leaned forward, closing the distance between us. Our lips inches apart. You bit your lip and placed your hand on my thigh. Surprised at my arousal I flexed my chest and pelvis against yours. Downing the drink you pushed me to the counter, pressing your body against mine, hands holding mine behind my back, you kissed me like a beast. Your tongue exploring every corner of my mouth. I just gave into it and arched my neck for you to move in further. Holding my hands in one of yours, you ran the other up my skirt, to the Hem of my panties. Slipping one finger in, to my pool of desires, you lost the tiny bit of your self control. Moaning into my mouth you deepened the kiss, your hand exploring every inch of my body. By the time we pulled back, we were both out of breath, panting. Eyes filled with lust and hunger. You led the way to the elevator and I followed. There is something about the elevators. You can't control the heat. You take my hand and place it on your groin. I grab hold of it and give it a lil tug. You groan and unhook my bra in a haste. We reach the basement but there's no time to get back to the room now. I needed you and I needed you then and there. You place me on the hood of your car and with one Swift move remove my panties. I struggle with your belt and zipper while you keep nibbling at my breasts. Sucking and biting, tugging and teasing. Finally I took down your pants and it just popped up. Hard as a rock, staring directly at me. Holding my thighs apart you got in with a thrust. It felt good. You started moving slowly, in and out, in and out. Gradually increasing the pace you went in hard with each thrust, hitting the right spot. I was so close. On the top of a mountain. And with a final thrust you came inside me and that was my signal to go. I feel down the cliff, into your arms and we laid there for a while. Your dick still inside me, beating fast. We stand there for a while, waiting to catch our breath. After 5 mins, you pulled out and we got back to the party and to our lives. That night though, still counts as the most beautiful nights of all. When I fucked a hot stranger!


Tickle.Life ran a contest, Sci-Fi Erotica/Futuristic Sex Story with our fabulous advisor and author of more than 400 erotic books M.Christain. From hundreds of submissions, Christain selected Maitreyee's story. The contest might have ended but you still can submit a story for the world to read. We promise to showcase your story on our official social media platforms and website. Btw who knows, your submissions might have a chance to be published in our next book! If interested, do submit your story HERE. 


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