The complete juxtaposition of horrific teenage relationships

Sometimes one doesn’t know what is going to hit them and how. This very jargonized and rather blatant quote is mystified in the sense of mil lineal relationships! This is completely displayed through
4 cases ( A, B, C, D), astutely different, having one thing but all in common, toxic and weird hormones.

The first case is of a friend (A) who believes he is so in love like he accepts she isn’t the most attractive or the smartest whilst appreciating her best friends thermal temperature. At the same time, he whines like a crazy little bitch about how his insecurities born from 3 rd rated cinema continue to intervene with this supposed relationship he is in. Additionally, there’s this constant feeling to vent. I mean, the purpose of one getting with someone is so u can cry, vent, live and laugh with that someone. Somehow I feel that fear of ur partner finding out and possibly judging you for it shouldn't really exist, its like why am I hiding something from u when I’m literally supposed to give u my all and you ‘loving’ me for it, despite it, makes you-you and meme giving a collective us.

The second case fixates over B and his existence whereby B, lives in a classic millennial relationship to the point where B’s meeting is online and awaits this ‘approval’ that'll be granted only once B see her and meet her in real life (SO SOON). Every time B thinks its ending, those days of silence, the gaps of communication and the lack of love. The problem is that B has portrayed himself as someone who never gets angry at whatever the situation may be but the problem is that B is the angriest person he knows. It's not even angry anymore, he misses her, those initial 20 days of conversation where her day started at his 3 pm and the day ended at her 11 pM or those night long conversations that made him more British in his timezone than the millions of tele series he had binge-watched. He loved staying up and talking to her; hearing her giggle and smile and rant would mostly cheer up the morse and the dead of his day. His feelings are generally trapped in a bottle cuz he feels weak exposing them but with her, he was this bare, naked self, who too things that he wouldn’t tell himself. Somehow, now the texts are an hour long in a day, the day goes in waiting for that witty response, she says she’s busy and yea I get that but what about his thing for losing himself in those 10 minutes or 10 hours that he waits for that one small hehe or cute or her jargon. Every time she makes me wait, a part of him is left with her, that he can’t even beg back cause its lost in the shadows of angst and wait. When she responds, that part comes back running to B and he goes into another mystery of the response time. Does he respond now and show her he has been waiting longer than he has, for anything or does he play it cool that yea sure bud, I expect you to respond. Every week, he fights the same battle that she doesn’t even know he’s fighting. She lives and laughs and faces her problems like the person she is, stronger than he will ever be. It hurts to wait, it hurts not cause he is so immensely in love with her; its definitely because of this wonderful thing called boredom, she became this part of his vacation filled life where the day constituted of things on my fingers and so much anxiety. Its been hell of a journey, she tells him, where he is the one and only who knows her, but yet again, does she know him? Her getting mad for him responding on one platform and not on another whilst, its been 20 days since he received a response on the Facebook he sent her when her life tumbled for the day and all his social media was sending her the limited life he had since he was broken too.

The third case (C) revolves around the confusion that pervades modern relationships, the confusion of what are we? And if we are not anything, then why are we? My friend lives his life constantly bamboozled with her friend, who’s no, not the prettiest, nor the smartest, but its the time he’s spent with her smiling, hugging, and typing out essay-like answers. He loves her but no, nothing is going to happen cuz u see life isn’t as ‘simple’ anymore. Yes, this is a rant of how something so simple is never as simple cuz nothing can be done. The girl maintains, she can’t bear with this so-called drama of being in a relationship but at the same time, she whines if he talks to someone else, rants if he goes away, and feels comfortable in his arms and his only. Obviously, he doesn’t and cannot understand because the only thing that he or any guy expects is to say it if there's a want or an unexpressed desire. Why don’t you say it? If I was supposed to know you completely then won’t my existence with you be boring. The expectation of a response is what keeps you so refreshingly new every time. Every time, his life is shitting itself, she tends to function as an antacid that cures his shit storm. But no, "nothing will happen because it's all momentary and our lives will change now" won’t they?

The last case (D), is the most beautiful because its the truest form of this ‘love’ where this person, loves like a lover and loves with his eyes, heart and soul but will never give in to his feelings and tell her cause obviously, his fear of failure to ‘get naffed’ because of this grand image that his mind has built of her will break him. He’s sensitive you see. No, he doesn’t wanna break that ass or smash those tits cuz in all honesty, the T&A are non-existent and no she doesn’t look like a model, as she has one of the plainer, yellow of the faces. Also, no she doesn't speak the language of the angels and nor does she cure the blind eye; she’s nice and speaks to the friend nicely. This niceness becomes attractive when its the first time it happens. I swear, he’s loved her from the past 2 years and obviously, he’s told his secret to me, a discourteous s, a brash mouthed human who’s writing an article about it. It's beautiful that he looks at her with this genuinity that we all lost when we were 12. I Love it but its gonna go away because he is coming to UNI with me.

                             Written by: Aaryaman

Aaryaman is a student at London School of Economics. Poetry prayers and lies tend to define his pseudo writer personality.

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