The heavenly feeling of Orgasm


Google defines orgasm as “the climax of sexual excitement, characterised by intensely pleasurable feelings centered in the genitals and (in men) experienced as an accompaniment to ejaculation.”


ORGASM is an out- of -the world feeling, it is one of the main reasons why sex is so exciting to men and women both.


Just think about the moment when you and your partner can't take your eyes off each other while your skins connect as one, the butterflies you both feel in your stomach when the main event is about to “cum”.


At that moment, one’s body is getting signals from their nervous system, “ that yeah, the moment is here, get ready.”

your heart starts beating faster and faster,

your blood flows fastens,

and then you both climax— together, but most of the times separately.


Though have you ever wondered what happens after orgasm and how does your brain react to it? Why is that moment more important than the act or the after effect? We are a part of a culture where it is all about getting to that point. 100 ways to make her cum, and 1000 ways to make him; it's all that they see in porn and they think these things are true and only making her or him cum, is the goal to such a basic instinct called sex.


Why is it so different for men and women, yet same.


Women generally need longer to have an orgasm than men, who take about 7 to 14 minutes. These are just averages, of course. You may be faster or slower, and it can be different from one time to the next.

For men, it is more of a complex series of steps. It involves a number of organs, hormones, blood vessels and nerves working together. Men ejaculation happens in steps. Whereas for women stimulation of clitoris or penetration, fingering can make her reach the climax.


Orgasm can be as hallucinating as any drug, orgasm at times can be merely nothing but tiring.

After an orgasm:


Women have a greater drive of bonding with their partner: During an orgasm, the body releases a hormone called oxytocin sometimes titled as the ‘ love hormone’ during its release the couple tend to feel closer to each other. The system of female orgasm is actually a rapid yet rhythmic contraction. And that just isn't in the vagina: a combination of pulses go through her genitals, anus, uterus, and pelvic floor all at once. It makes the brain explode, flooding it with opioids from the limbic system, as a "reward" full of pleasure and happiness. This chemical flood isn't without its dangers: it's a key component in how we get addicted to things, like heroin.

Better sleep: Prolactin, is the other hormone which is released when you reach an orgasm. Ladies you are here at an advantage, as this is the peak of estrogen release, which can be good for sleep, too.

Post-sex blues: Crying, yeah you read it right. you can actually feel sad, depressed anxious, agitated after sex. These are the after sex symptoms of a condition called post-coital (PCD) or like I mentioned post-sex blues.

You must be wondering why, there it is mentioned orgasm can be hallucinating, well because like it is quoted why many writers, “ love can take you into another world”.

Some women have reported that their act of pleasure has taken them to another world. According to a 2011 study in turkey, '76 per cent of 100 felt a sensation of flying.' Imagine, there you are lying in your bed after the best sex of your life and all of a sudden you feel you are flying, HEAVEN, that's pure heaven.


For Men:


Now if we come to men, they do not just roll over and sleep as shown in 1950s cartoons. Some smoke cigarettes after sex or drink, in other words, they look for other sources of pleasure after their orgasm has ended. Dopamine has hit them over but they still are usually hungry for more. This is unlike women who want to communicate, touch bodies or bond with their partners.


Cool Fact

Before I end, I have a really cool fact to share. Irrespective of what you think men do not need to ejaculate to get an orgasm!!! Having an orgasm and ejaculating are two different things. They usually happen together. For many men, a powerful ejaculation is the best part of an orgasm. Other men keep feeling the orgasm well after they release semen. After age 40, a man may ejaculate less, but he can still have orgasms.

                                                                       Written By: Nandini Sharma

Nandini brings with her the spunk and the youth needed in the team. Her inquisitiveness and ideas are what fuels Tickle.Life


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