Dr. Trina’s Sex Talk

Dr. Trina Read Sex Talk

In this video series, Dr. Trina Read talks all things sex.

Help! My Sex Life Is In A Rut

In this video Dr. Trina Read talks about how sex can become stale and what couples can do to get

Dr. Trina’s Sex Talk: How Can A Woman Orgasm During Intercourse?

Sexologist, Dr. Trina Read, answers the question, “I’ve never had a vaginal orgasm during intercourse. Is there something wrong with

Mom Doesn’t Feel Like Sex After Baby

Sexologist, Dr. Trina Read answers–the common–question from a woman who had a baby over a year ago and still doesn’t

Having Sex After a Miscarriage

A reader asks: “I’ve recently had a miscarriage. We want to start trying again to have another baby, but I’m

It’s Probably Not Mismatched Libidos

One partner having a higher sex drive than the other is a common couple conundrum People assume mismatch libidos is

What Can Help A Woman’s Low Libido?

For a woman experiencing a sexual low libido there are many options available to her. But is her best option

Dr. Trina Read

Dr. Trina Read (Sexologist)

Sexologist, Dr. Trina Read is the founderd of The Business Of Sex Speaker Agency. She is a leading relationship and sexual health expert and educator; and is a best selling author, media expert, was a CBC radio Relationship columnist, syndicated blogger, international award winning speaker, newspaper & magazine columnist, and spokeswoman.

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