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Sex education is not just about sex, it is information and conversation around gender, sexuality, anatomy, sexual activity, health and hygiene, consent, reproductive rights, safe sex, etc. 

Parents, talk to teens about sex education early

These conversations are often taboo in society. From an early age, kids learn that these are hush hush topics. It is important that children receive sex education at an early age that normalizes sex and creates a sex-positive frame of mind. This not only prevents them from acquiring misinformation but also ensures that they grow up to be well-informed individuals capable of having sexual and emotional relationships responsibly. 

Many children satisfy their curiosity around sexuality, secretly using incognito mode, to view porn as they hide from their parents. This builds a very negative idea about sex, they form irrational expectations and fall into a rut of absorbing it as information. It is important to be an askable parent. You don’t know how? Worried about what to say? Think it’s weird? Not sure you know enough? We’re here for you. There are experts, therapists and various other tools right here for you to learn and know everything you need to prepare yourself. 

Adults and couples need Sex Education too

It is important to keep learning and discovering yourself. Do you know what non-binary is? Have you considered polyamory? Are you well informed about your partner’s anatomy? Do you know how fluid gender and sexuality can be? Are you curious about anal sex? Are you being safe? Do you know enough about STDs? Learn more. Explore more. It is important to know yourself, your boundaries and your rights. 

Tickle.Life has everything you need to transcend into your sexual awakening. Be patient and allow yourself to learn. There are experts from every field to guide you through your sexual journey. Embrace positive, well-researched sex education to truly become a sexpert!

What our experts are saying


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Your vagina is perfectly normal

Learn the truths about your vagina and how to maintain it. The vagina’s natural smell and taste are natural and healthy.

10 things to include in your safer sex toolkit!

Create your own safer sex kit. It’s a fun, easy, and empowering way to make sure that you’re always prepared to get caught with your pants down.

Today I Learned: Phantom Orgasms

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Unprotected Sex Is Having Sex With All Past Partners!

Unprotected sex with new partners without testing can cause STI’s, STD’s or HIV. To be completely safe, get tested frequently even in monogamous relations.

Consent can be understood only if you first understand empathy

Consent isn’t just about hoping for a yes or avoiding a no. Focusing on how you can get people to say yes to you, turns negotiation into coercion.

9 Facts About The Clitoris Everyone Should Know

Clitoris facts and busting myths! What does the clit do? How can you pleasure your partner through the clitoris? Find out more!

“Normal” course of sexual exploration in a child’s development

Have you wondered what is the correlation between a child’s age and sexual exploration? If yes, then read this article to find out.

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The Hymen Is Not What You Think

One of the largest cultural myths is that of the hymen being the keeper of virginity, and it’s fundamentally flawed. Read on to know how.

Stop Faking Orgasms: A How-To

Here’s some tips that’ll help you fight for your sexual pleasure, even while hooking up, so that you’ll never have to ‘fake it’ again.

Interviews with Sex Education Experts

Interview with Jennifer Minor on, Love, Sex and Ageing

Jennifer Minor is a therapist working with sex-positivity. She lives in Austin, Texas. She is the founder of Sex Love

Interview with Mark Schoen

Mark Schoen is the founder of He started out as a health education teacher and went on to be

Interview with Jennifer Beman

Jennifer Beman is a sexual health and wellness entrepreneur. She is the founder of Graphic Sex Project. She aims to

Interview with Jennifer Minor

Jennifer Minor is a therapist working with sex-positivity. She lives in Austin, Texas. She is the founder of Sex Love

What It’s like Being Married to Someone Who Has Herpes: Interview with Bill Gaylord

The Real Deal From Someone Who Doesn’t Have Herpes But is Married To Someone Who Does This was such

Podcasts about Sex Education

Life With Herpes

We would like to present, “Life With Herpes”, a podcast by Alexandra Harbushka aimed at breaking the stigma and removing

The Pleasure For Health

A special podcast from none other than Ailsa Keppie, on Pleasure for Health. Ailsa Keppie has a diverse background with

Frisky Tipsy Libertines

Introducing the Frisky Tipsy Libertines’ special podcast. Janet and Scott discuss sex, sexuality, and the sex industry. Join them as

Sex from A to Z

We would like to present Sex from A to Z, a sex science podcast discussing in plain language the actual is powered by a group of collaborators each with their unique story and background. This helps us keep stay grounded, and understand the colorful aspects of our inclusive society, rather than putting things as black and white.

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