Why I Talk About Sexuality

What inspires our authors to wake up every morning and fight the same battles against all the bigoted and hateful people that want to contain sexuality? What made our authors overcome their own socialisation, and grow to work in the infamous field of sexuality? Most importantly, why do our authors think educating people about sex is important enough for them to dedicate their lives to it?

Find out about this and more in our authors’ history segment, tracing their history with the field of sexuality.

What our experts are saying

Interview with Maria van Daarten

Interview with Mark Schoen

Interview with Russell Stambaugh

Interview with Cle’Tse Searle

Interview with Jennifer Beman

Interview with Christopher Hoffmann

Interview with Kristopher Lovestone: The Conscious Cock

Interview with Jennifer Minor

Interview with Yael Rosenstock, founder, Kaleidoscope Vibrations

Interview with Angela Kurtz

In conversation with sexual wellness expert and Dominatrix Gaia Morrissette

Interview with Krystal

In Conversation with Susan Wright

An Interview with Sexuality Coach, Tyomi Morgan

An interview with Ms. Wild West Olympus Leather

Chantel’s “Why I Care About Sexuality”

Ray’s “Why I Talk About Sexuality”

Joanna’s “Why I Talk about Sexuality” (II)

Joanna’s “Why I Talk about Sexuality” (I)

Emily’s “Why I Care About Sex Education”

Lisa Mews’ “Why I Write About Sexuality”

Yael Rosenstock’s “Why I Care About Sexuality”

Aud Jektvik’s “Why I Talk About Sex”

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