Episode 42: Erotica Tuesdays ft. Steve L (Sandels)

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Today’s episode features Steve L (Sandels).

I read his story about a sexy female vampire and a young human man who she picks up at her husband’s club. She takes him home and restraints him on her St Andrews cross before draining him with the best blowjob of his life.

About the Steve L (Sandels)

Sandels is the pen-name (do we still have those any more?) of a man who describes himself as a “middle-aged chap with a rather pronounced interest in fornication, fiction and photography”. He hopes in time to put any income from his writing towards the purchase of a new dictionary, to replace one that turned out to be suspiciously cheap for a very good reason.

A career in information technology and systems design coupled with a healthy sex drive combined to produce, in his own words, “a shedload” of short stories, many of which have an erotic/horror theme (you’re right, there is a lot of that about) while others explore aspects of obedience, consent, submission, and the increase of machine involvement in sexual relationships.

A current project describes the creation and development of an artificially intelligent sex robot. (You’re right, there is probably a lot of that about as well.) He has so far managed to avoid getting into gaming, sport and coffee connoisseurship, and lives in terror of the brackets keys wearing out on his laptop.

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