Fantastically wild sex education with teens

Sex is important. Lets talk about sex: its advantages and disadvantages. How sex education helps to avoid teen pregnancies and making them more aware

How important is it to talk about sex with adolescence and emerging adult?
Why is sex important? Why should children learn about it? Why is it so important to talk about
it? Isn’t it implied that people already know enough about it?
This blog might be able to give you answers to all those questions. Sex is important. It is one of the normal human drives and desires along with the hunger and thirst. In other words, it is as normal as feeling hungry everyday. Sex is a taboo topic in many cultures because of the stigma
around it.

Children are very curious creatures. They ask when something intrigues them; when something does not fit into their schemas. Their first source of information is their parents. When children reach their puberty, they are bound to ask questions which are sometimes difficult for parents to
answer because seeing your child go through this chaos and grace called world is hard for them. This is when the school steps in as an important source. School and community have equal, if not more impact in shaping a child’s personality along with their parents and the culture in which
they live in.

But the problem is that we do not talk about sex: its advantages and disadvantages. Even when teachers talk about it in schools and it is taught as a “chapter” explaining the human anatomy, nobody tells the growing minds that it is okay to talk about it. It is perfectly normal to feel this
attraction towards someone whom they have feelings for. The problem is nobody tells them that “it is okay man, you will feel like this because it is part of growing up.”
So, when children are left in ignorance regarding the general aspects of sex from their parents or their schools, they try to figure it out by themselves. This translates to going to websites which they are not supposed to go when they are ten years old. They browse through adult and porn
websites to quench this burning curiosity about sex. The porn websites depict sexual activities in an aggressive manner which affects the young minds and creates an inappropriate image of sex.
They illustrate sex only as a physical activity successfully eliminating the element of love and attraction. I am not saying that porn is completely bad, I am just saying that our children do not understand all the facts of it at such a tender age. It affects their mind negatively and often makes them feel guilty about feeling something normal.
Moreover, the statistics for teen pregnancies is worsening around the globe and somewhere lack of sex education can be considered as one of the major reasons for it.

Also, adolescence and emerging adulthood is the prime period for getting the victims of sexually transmitted diseases.
Sex education is talking about every aspect of sex; protection, contraceptives, porn, advantages and disadvantages. Children need to know that they do not need to feel guilty to have this natural desire. Masturbation is not bad and neither is porn. They help individuals in exploring their
sexuality. Prevention is always better than cure. Teen pregnancies affects a lot of individuals: mother,father, their families and eventually child. Breaking the taboo around sex will help in saving a lot of lives and will lead to make the world a sex-positive place.

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