Orgasm & Relationship Talks by Michael Charming

Michael Charming is an Orgasm Coach & Relationship Expert, an Award-Winning International Speaker, a Certified Bodyworker, a Certified OM Life Coach and Author of Amplify Your Orgasm

Michael has been working in the field of sexuality since 2013. Born and raised in India, he is very well connected with spirituality, intuition, love and compassion. Michael has lived across three different continents and has travelled to more than 40 countries.


How to use jealousy to turn-on your relationship

Jealousy. It is one of the most dreaded feeling in relationship because it can not only destroy relationship but also

Arousal, Climax, Orgasm and Amplified Orgasm

In many of my coaching sessions, my clients often express the desire to experience deeper orgasms in sexual connection with

Your Desire, Your Compass for Sexual Freedom

Desire. What comes to your mind when you read and feel into this word? I wasn’t familiar with the real

Michael helps men and women have more orgasms, more nourishing and fulfilling relationships and more love, happiness and deeper human connections in their lives.

Michael believes that our inner world works in conjunction with our outer world, and as such it is important to give adequate attention to both. He also believes that because relationships often reflect aspects of ourselves that we keep hidden, the relationship is the perfect place to wake up to creating the life we want.

Michael only works with a limited number of clients at a time who are really serious about their own transformation and are willing to do the work for themselves. He specialises in working with both women and men, whether as individuals or as couples.

His areas of expertise include

  • Emotional Detox through Bodywork
  • Amplified Orgasmic Meditation (AOM) Training
  • Creative Relationship Coaching
  • Deep Dive Desire Coaching

As an emotional detox bodyworker, Michael’s clients have experienced:

  • Transformational changes in their lives
  • Becoming profoundly relaxed, more confident, rejuvenated, joyful, emotionally light and peaceful with themselves and their partner
  • Release of trauma, pain, and grief which can be stored in the body as a result of various life experiences
  • Whole body orgasms and amazing sensations in different parts of their bodies that were either numbed out or they didn’t know existed.