Aaural (Erotic Short Story)

Aural Confessions

An erotic short story podcast based on real life experiences.
New steamy episodes released weekly!

Do you have a kinky confession? Submit your confession anonymously at Aaural.co/confess and we may just feature yours in our next short story narrated by professional steamy actors.


Episode 24: Steamy Quarantine

“Real life sex right next door to me. As I lay in my bed I started up my bullet and

Episode 23: A Very Happy Ending

“He started on my back and I loved the feeling of his big, strong hands working out the knots and

Episode 17: Bent Over a Benidorm Balcony

“Hmmm let’s go inside” she said but I told her she was going nowhere – that I fully intended to

Episode 22: Naughty Neighbour

“Suddenly I could see that K had reappeared, she was looking down at my crotch, my wife’s hand still on

Episode 21: The Fun Train

“I bent down to get it and as I was lifting back up I felt that I was closer to

Episode 20: Valentine’s Surprise

“I opened the envelope and inside I found a note with some instructions… I was to undress there and then

Episode 19: On my Knees

She walked around me, inspecting me… then said “very nice… you’ve passed the initial inspection” Owen gets put through his

Episode 18: Under the table

“I was doing my best to maintain my composure. It wasn’t long before he found his target and I felt