Frisky Tipsy Libertines

Frisky Tripsy Libertines Podcast

Introducing the Frisky Tipsy Libertines’ special podcast.

Janet and Scott discuss sex, sexuality, and the sex industry. Join them as they share stories, opinions, and review adult media (toys, books, and movies. Oh my!). All while indulging in another of their favorite past times: Getting Tipsy! Their goal is to tear down stigmas and misconceptions while drinking alcoholic beverages that they attempt to match with the days topic(s)!

Podcast Episodes

Episode 5: Valentine’s Day Sex Game Special

18+ MATURE AUDIENCES: Join Janet and Scott for a very special Valentine’s Day episode. They’ll be trying out some sexy

Episode 4: Polyamory with Javier

18+ MATURE AUDIENCES: Join Janet and Scott for their fourth episode. The theme is polyamory and they introduce their first

Episode 3: Porn in the USA

Join Janet and Scott for their third episode. The theme is porn stigma in american culture and they get more

Episode 2: Tickle My Fancy Toy

Join Janet and Scott for their second episode. The theme is SEX TOYS (woo) and they’ll be drinking Double Purple

Episode 1: Dirty Shirley Virgins

Join Janet and Scott, the Frisky Tipsy Libertines, for their first podcast! Appropriately, the theme is “Virginity”, and they’ll be