Fruit Bowl Podcast


When did you first learn about sex? What was your first time like? What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you during sex? What’s your best move in bed? If you could go back in time and tell your virgin-self one thing about sex, what would it be?

In the summer of 2018, 20 queer people in Seattle were asked these same questions. Now their answers have become a podcast. Welcome to FRUITBOWL!

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Episode 5: Ji’s Ring of Keys Moment

While growing up in Orange, California – a notoriously conservative city just south of Los Angeles – Ji had a mom and brother who

Episode 4 – RC: “You did that for the D?!”

RC uses both he/his and they/them pronouns and considers himself a non-binary, trans-masculine-of-center person who is comfortable being neither male nor female. But, as

Episode 2: GETTING FRESH with FRUITBOWL: Solo Sex During Quarantine

In the first episode of our spinoff series, GETTING FRESH with FRUITBOWL, Dave and his guest Paul discuss some ideas about how to mix

Episode 2: Aditya Finds His Tribes

Join Dave and his guest Tom following our featured interview as they discuss Tom’s new queer hook up app, HANKIES (@hankies96) which was inspired

Episode 1: Jerusha’s Burrito Date

Originally from the small conservative town of Puyallup, Washington, Jerusha took her time exploring her sexuality during her adolescence. In her first year of

We’re currently searching for 80 more diverse queer people to interview for this podcast series which will eventually become a documentary film. If you’re interested in being interviewed, drop us a note here or, if you want to know more details about the interview, here’s a comprehensive list of QUESTIONS.

DIVERSITY STATEMENT: We acknowledge that the first 20 interviewees for FRUITBOWL’s first podcast season skew mostly in favor of gay white men, so we’re taking this opportunity to encourage queers of all types and definitions from all different parts of the world to please contact us if you’re interested in contributing your interview to our project. The more diverse our interviewees are, the better the project will be!