Hush! The Adult Podcast

This is the adult podcast where you can talk sex, dating, & relationships! Coming to you from Tucson, AZ with no filters!

Hosted by Kim & Chris

Intro to the shit you love to hear! Kim and Chris hosted this episode

Episode 4: One on One with Lola Davina

Bringing all things kept on the hush to the light as we step into the world of a former sex

Episode 52: Cannasexual: cannabis, sex & pleasure

Kim talked cannabis and sex with Ashley Manta, creator of Cannasexual. Pleasure, different types of relationships, and everything in between…

Episode 2: One on One with Kelley Cabbana

We welcomed the lovely Kelley Cabbana to our show and nothing was off limits! Cocks, pussy, aliens, purple friends, and

Hush! Episode 1- One one One with Debra Shade

We appreciated having Debra Shade, a sexpert, erotica writer, LGBTQ advocate (to name the least) on this episode… Explore an

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