Life With Herpes


We would like to present, “Life With Herpes”, a podcast by Alexandra Harbushka aimed at breaking the stigma and removing the shame around Herpes. There are interviews with experts on the subject to answer crucial questions, provide help on how to adapt life and relationships to live with Herpes and definitions of wellness around the diagnoses.

On each episode, she discusses the implications and effects of herpes and how to cope with them. These episodes will help answer all your doubts from the perspective of experts, people diagnosed and also their partners and families. Every emotion of fear and anxiety after the diagnosis is normal, natural and they all can be transformed. Harbushka emphasises on how it is important to make the decision to move forward with life and learned how to cope, heal and live with the virus. This podcast is for anyone who is inquisitive to learn about herpes, has been diagnosed and needs help or even those who want to help a loved one.

Recent Episodes