Love’s Outer Limits

Love's Outer Limits

Conversations with sexologist Dr. Amy Marsh and M. Christian, erotica and sexuality writer, about relationships, human sexuality, sexology, and sexual culture.

Season 2 Episodes

Episode 7: The Kinks Less Traveled

As a general rule, human beings can and do eroticize anything and everything! In this episode, Dr. Amy Marsh and M.Christian talk about

Episod 6: Sex and Aging

“What a drag it is getting old!” Remember that line from “Mother’s Little Helper,” a song by the Rolling Stones?

Episode 5: Erotic Hypnosis and Hypnosis for Sexual Problems

Is the mind really the biggest and most powerful sexual organ? Can hypnosis really assist with such problems as vaginismus

Episode 4: BDSM Emotional and Physical Safety

M.Christian, who has years of experience as a BDSM educator and writer, takes the lead on this episode to discuss the

Episode 3: For the Love of Objects – New Science & Objectum Sexuality

For over ten years (and more), Objectum Sexuals have been under the media microscope–often the targets of sensationalism and ridicule. In

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