Sex from A to Z

We would like to present Sex from A to Z, a sex science podcast discussing in plain language the actual studies that inform how sex therapists, sex researchers, sex educators, and medical professionals make decisions about sexual health and wellness.

On each episode we take a deep dive into a different piece of peer-reviewed literature, break it down and explore the social, scientific, and personal implications. ​This is a podcast for anyone interested in understanding the psychological, medical, and other scientific research behind sexual issues that impact all of us.

Recent Podcast Episodes

Episode 9: T is for Trigger Warnings

Rob and Angel discuss research on the efficacy of Trigger Warnings in academic and other non-therapy spaces. Later in the

Episode 8: K is for Kinky Hormones (Recorded Live at Club Kink Jax)

Rob and Angel discuss neuroscientific research on the physiological impact of BDSM play  Dominants and submissives. This episode was recorded

Episode 7: L is for Labels

Rob and Angel discuss gender and sexual identity labels used by US high school students.  Links to Listen: YouTubeSpotifyPodbeaniHeartRadioGooglePlayiTunesStitcher Links

Episode 6: S is for Sexting!

Rob and Angel review research about teen sexting and talk about parental control. They unbox some sex toys. They chat

Episode 5: M is for Measure A Penis Day!

Happy Measure a Penis Day! Angel and Rob talk penis size. Things are measured. Fun is had. We are also

Episode 4: F is for Faking It

Why do some straight women fake their orgasms? Rob and Angel discuss.

Episode 3: T is for Threesome

Rob and Angel discuss group sex and a study that explored undergraduate attitudes about threesomes and undergraduate threesome behavior.

Episode 2: B is for Butt Stuff

Why do straight women engage in anal intercourse? Angel and Rob discuss.

Episode 1.5: M is for Misgendering

Misgendering is a common issue faced by members of the LGBTQI+ community. This may seem trivial but it is highly

Episode 1: P is for Pleasure

In this episode, Rob and Angel discuss an article from the Journal for Sex Education (Ingham, 2005) about the importance

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