Swinging Outside The Lines

Swinging Outside the Lines

Adam and Belle, a married couple that has decided to share their journey into the Non-Monogamous lifestyle through their “Swinging Outside the Lines Podcast“.

They started this journey in 2018 after 16 years of marriage, not because anything was lacking in their relationship, but because they have such a great relationship and wanted to explore their wants, desires, and fantasies with each other.

Try anything twice, thats what they like to say.  Sometimes things work out and it’s sexy as hell, and sometimes they walk away from an experience wondering what just happened.  They share those experiences with you in hopes of helping in your own lifestyle journey.

Their monthly podcast covers their experiences in the lifestyle from start to finish. It’s not always sexy, but it’s real, and sometimes raw.  

Latest Episodes

Episode 15: Adam’s Manicorn Adventure, Part 2

On the same night that Belle was a Unicorn in Episode 14, Adam also had the opportunity to be a

Episode 14: Belle’s Unicorn Adventure, Part 1

As Adam departs for work, Belle drops a last minute request on him. She wants to go be a Unicorn

Episode 13: A Cautionary Tale: Communication

In Episode 13 we dig into our Patreon Vault and share with you an e-mail from a listener, who jumped

Episod 12: TCND Birthday Bash (Club Privata)

We were invited to That Couple Next Door’s birthday bash in Portland, Oregon. The weekend turned out to be the

Episode 11: Belle has a Confession & A Vanilla Orgy

While Adam is on a trip, Belle decides to come clean with a 17 year old secret. Belle & Adam

Episode 10: Halloween: Horror Stories in the Lifestyle

In this episode we discuss horror stories in the lifestyle with our special guest Mistress Alexandra. We share stories from

Episode 9: Mr. R and the Hotel Party

We are invited to a hotel party with 5 other couples. Adam isn’t feeling it, but Belle has her eyes

Episode 8: Marathon Sex

After meeting a couple at the club, we are invited to come play with them after he runs a race.

Episode 7: Hall Pass: Adam plays Solo

On a work trip Adam has a co-worker come on to him. Having a hall pass, Adam decides to use

Episode 6: Our First Orgy!

We went to a party and an Orgy broke out! Adam experiences his first very embarrassing situation in the lifestyle.

Episode 5: Tinder: Belle plays Solo

Adam downloads Tinder onto Belle’s phone, opening up the world of single play. After a couple of weeks, she decides

Episode 4: Embarrassing Moments at a house party

We are invited to our first house party to play with a couple we met the night prior. We learn

Episode 3: From No Swap to Full Swap

We have our first FULL SWAP. We drive into the City and have drinks with a very nice couple who’s

Episode 2: Jumping right in: The episode of firsts (MFM)

From nervous newbies at the club to our first MFM, Episode 2 is ready for you! If you like our

Episode 1: Meet Belle and Adam

In Episode 1 we introduce ourselves. Growing up as conservative Christians and living a very straight laced kind of life,