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Pleasure for Health - Ailsa

A special podcast from none other than Ailsa Keppie, on Pleasure for Health.

Ailsa Keppie has a diverse background with experience in body awareness therapies, energy work, physical theatre, and training in sexuality and trauma release.

Having lived in different cultures, Ailsa has immersed herself in various spiritual practices, while raising 4 beautiful girls on her own. She brings a compassionate, non-judgemental attitude to all her relationships, and to every client or group session. She welcomes each opportunity to learn new things, and is open to experiences that expand her understanding of what it is to be human.

Latest Episodes


Episode 4: Giving AND Receiving

It is fast approaching the holiday season and I felt inspired to write a blog on the art of giving

Episode 3: The Inside Feeling of Failure

Tony was a man in his late 40’s, successful by outward appearance, but on the inside feeling that he had

Episode 2: Being A Goddess Is About Being Perfect

Somewhere, somehow, the idea got lodged in our psyche that to be a goddess we had to be perfect, or

Episode 1: Everyone wants better sex but no one wants to talk about it!

Join Ailsa, and her partner Declan, as they discuss the allusions to sex that exist in our society today, and