The Swinging Flamingos

Swinging Flamingos - Podcast for the Swinging Lifestyle

We are an early 40s couple, who after over a decade in the Swinging lifestyle, have decided to share our stories of partner swapping, travel, disappointment, and sexiness.

Latest Episodes

Episode 5: Lets Talk Turn-On’s and Turn-Off’s

In Episode 5 “Lets Talk Turn-On’s and Turn-Off’s” we do just that. We go thru some of the things that

Episode 4: Closing the Quick Sale – An Interview with Priory Society

In Episode 4, “Closing the Quick Sale” we interview our friends Eros and Isis of the Priory Society during our

Episode 3: Our review of the Erotica Expo Las Vegas

In this Episode we talk about our recent adventures in Las Vegas, Nevada for the Erotica Swinger Expo, the first

Episode 2: Popping Cherries

In Episode 2, We talk about getting our lifestyle “cherries” popped. We discuss our progression from checking out a swinger

Episode 1: “This Is Us”

Welcome to the first episode of the Swinging Flamingos Podcast . We wanted to take this opportunity to give some